Who We Are

We are a community-based organization formed by the local people of Mwenezi and based in Mwenezi District of Zimbabwe. Through conservation agriculture and communications technology, we’re working to support our community to achieve food security and sustainable livelihoods.

We are run by a group of seven local volunteers in Mwenezi, whose work is supported by the local elders. This approach has been the key to our success, because:

  • Local control: People tend to understand their own needs better than outsiders. Our local volunteer leadership sets priorities based on a close understanding of what is most important for the community’s well-being
  • Longevity: We’re in it for the long haul, because our work is run by community members. Unlike NGOs, they won’t just pick up and leave if funding priorities change.
  • Connection: Our workers know their community and have the support of local leadership, which means our work is directly informed by the context and dreams of the community.
  • Direct funding: 100 percent of donations currently go to our programs, because all of our leadership and staff are volunteers.

Our work is supported by partnerships with universities, churches, and individuals in North America.

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